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Adding Value

Critical Minerals Association USA aims to amplify the voice of its members to build a secure, and responsible critical minerals industry to meet USA's strategic needs. 

We leverage our international network to connect our members with key companies along the supply chain, organisations and governments to find optimal pathways and strategies to secure and protect U.S. supply chains. 

Bolstering Security
of Supply & Defence

Creating Made in America
Supply Chains

Energy Transition

Educating & 
Uniting Stakeholders

Circular Economy
Research & Development 

Supporting Industry 

There is no unique voice representing the U.S. critical minerals sector that promotes the needs of and delivers concrete outcomes for industry across the entire supply chain.

We are dedicated to supporting companies navigate the complexities of supply chains and build robust partnerships to drive greater integration. 


Collectively we can turn the dial to profitably Mine in America, Refine in America and, Make in America.

Joining the CMA USA offers a unique opportunity to position your company as fundamental to the energy transition, as well as America's security of supply, national security, innovation, and prosperity. 

Our members have the opportunities to:

  • Showcase projects including social engagement and impact investing;

  • Highlight technologies and outcomes; and,

  • Be recognised as thought leaders across tech, finance, decarbonisation, extraction, and professional services.

Policy Development

Industry of the Future

Thought Leadership

Networking Opportunities

International Reach

Collaborating with Governments

The CMA USA bridges the gap between industry and governments by representing responsible companies across the critical minerals ecosystem. 

Out of 50 minerals deemed critical by the USGS, the U.S. is 100% reliant on imports of 12 of them, and over 50% reliant on another 31 critical minerals. Greater collaboration between governments, academia, and industry is essential to maximising domestic opportunities and creating equitable partnerships with like-minded nations. 

We support U.S. Federal and State governments in staying at the forefront of industry and geopolitical developments. 


The CMA USA represents U.S. interests and its critical minerals sector both domestically and overseas, facilitating introductions to like-minded governments and industry leaders. 

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