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Joining the Association

Membership is open to all companies and organisations involved in the critical minerals value chain from exploration through, mining, midstream processing, downstream processing and end-users.


We recognise the importance of support services such as technology companies, risk analysts, consultants, ESG experts, lawyers, and financiers. We are dedicated to bringing the entire mining and extractive ecosystem together.

While the CMA USA is fully independent and its U.S. members set the agenda, our members benefit from the experience and track record of our sister associations, as well as extensive government relationships across the globe.  

Collectively we can drive change by voicing unified recommendations to governments, and tackling challenges head on.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to industry experts across the critical minerals value chain - both domestic and international.

  • Networking opportunities include focused CMA USA workshops, webinars, conferences and networking events and access to sister association events.

  • Advocacy and representation of the interests of our members focusing on pragmatic outcomes for the industry.

  • Access to information and the latest political, geopolitical and industry updates to help your company stay ahead of the curve.

  • Access to funding opportunities alongside information and workshops on existing incentives.

  • Unique positioning and messaging to support your company with branding and building stakeholder trust as thought leaders and industry disruptors. 

  • Market integration and support in building relationships with industry and governments across Latin America, SE Asia and Africa.

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