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International Network

The CMA USA benefits from the wider international network of domestic associations, including:

  • Critical Minerals Association Australia,

  • Critical Minerals Association UK, and, 

  • Canadian Critical Minerals and Materials Alliance that fall under the Critical Minerals International Alliance (CMIA) umbrella. 

The CMA USA operates independently and its U.S. members set the agenda, and benefits from the experience and track record of its sister associations, as well as extensive government relationships across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. 

The CMIA aims to bridge the gap between Western nations and industry attempting to navigate complex and monopolised supply chains. The CMIA's motto is "outcome, not output" as we aim to create the resilient, secure, low-carbon, responsible critical minerals supply chains of the future.

This requires a collaborative and proactive approach to ensure that like-minded nations remove obstacles and pave the way for industry to innovate and find solutions to mitigate the effects of the forecasted shortfall in extracted critical minerals available for the manufacture of goods.

Organisation Structure
Copy of CMIA Structure Graphic-3.png
Domestic Associations

CMA Australia 

Untitled design-5_edited.jpg

CMA Australia aims to favourably position Australian companies involved in the critical minerals value chain to effectively compete on the global stage.

EST. 2022


CMA UK unites the UK Government, industry, academia and other actors in support of the UK’s critical mineral sector. The CMA UK is the secretariat for the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Critical Minerals.

EST. 2020

Critical Minerals Logo US Final_edited_edited.png

The CMA USA will focus on promoting its members' interests at both State and Federal governments to enable the creation of secure and profitable made-in-America supply chains.

EST. 2023

c2m2a logo.png

C2M2A is an independent non-profit organisation which endeavours to grow the Canadian economy through critical minerals supply chains. 

Partner Association

Transitioned from CREEN (EST. 2013) to C2M2A in 2021

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