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Together We Can Achieve More

There is no unique voice representing the U.S. critical minerals sector (including support services, finance, legal and downstream companies) that promotes the needs of and delivers concrete outcomes for industry across the entire supply chain.

The CMA USA aims to unify and amplify the voice of its members to build a profitable, sustainable, secure, diversified, and globally recognised critical minerals industry.

Together we can:

  • Accelerate domestic exploration, mining, processing, refining, and recycling of critical minerals;

  • Drive best practices and balance sustainability with profitability; 

  • Integrate markets and supply chains to bolster security of supply; 

  • Advocate for favourable policies that protect American companies from market manipulations. 

Become a Member 

The CMA USA is a member-driven industry body that focuses on proactively placing the industry's challenges and opportunities on the government's radar. 

Membership offers the opportunity to drive thought leadership and positively influence governments and wider stakeholders. 

All members must comply with CMA USA Charter

We are focused on uniting the critical minerals ecosystem, including:

  • Exploration and mining,

  • Processing and refining,

  • Recycling,

  • Finance,

  • Legal,

  • Automotive,

  • Technology,

  • Defense,

  • Chemicals and manufacture,

  • Consultancy.

A New Face of Industry

Critical minerals are essential to building the technologies required to meet climate goals and diversifying existing energy sources. Without increased investment in critical minerals, defence capabilities, manufacturing output, and supply chain diversification opportunities will be diminished. 


The CMA USA promotes responsible extraction, processing, and refining of critical minerals, as well as efficient recycling and re-use of end-of-life products. 


Responsible Practices

Equitable Community Partnerships

Increasing Circularity

Leading Research & Development 

Educating & 
Uniting Stakeholders

E3 Principles


Educate the private sector and government leadership on the impact that critical minerals have on the energy transition, net zero commitments, security of supply and the circular economy.   


Enable acceleration of domestic capabilities through access to finance and active dismantling of barriers to profitable extraction, processing and refining.


Empower governments to implement smart policies that drive growth and empower companies to lead in niche industries. 

Delivered  through:

  • Multistakeholder engagement;

  • Focused events - 

    • roundtables,

    • workshops,

    • webinars,

    • conferences;

  • Thought leadership; 

  • Dynamic action-focused working groups;

  • Trade delegations;

  • Green TEA Initiative. 

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