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CMA USA Announces the Launch of the Critical Minerals International Alliance

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

We are proud to announce the launch of the Critical Minerals International Alliance (CMIA). The CMIA is a mechanism that brings together domestically-focused associations, CMA USA, CMA Australia and CMA UK, and partner association C2M2A, at an international level to address challenges facing the critical minerals industry.

Critical minerals underpin the foundation of the modern world, yet challenges such as environmental, social and governance (ESG) standardisation, under-investment into the sector, transport legislation, and policy alignment cut-across borders and affect the acceleration of critical minerals production, threaten national security and the deployment of alternative energy solutions. The CMIA aims to create diversified, secure, and responsible critical minerals supply chains that are resilient to market shocks and manipulations. This requires collaboration from industry and like-minded nations.

Wilfredo A. Reyes, Founder & CEO, CMA USA comments,

“Collaboration is essential to ensure sustainable and long-term supply of critical minerals for the United States and other like-minded countries. We strongly feel that the CMIA will enable stronger diversified supply chains, help share research and development and promote responsible mining practices, which ultimately will help to ensure a secure and robust supply of critical minerals for the future.”

We look forward to contributing to the CMIA and representing U.S. interests internationally. The U.S. is already leading with the Inflation Reduction Act and has proactively led the Minerals Security Partnership. We now look forward to ensuring that any policy and international agreements best support the critical minerals industry.

Learn about the associations below.

About CMIA

The CMIA aims to bridge the gap between Western nations and industry attempting to navigate complex and monopolised supply chains. The CMIA focuses on cross-cutting issues that affect supply chains and are too complex for one nation to tackle alone with a mission to create secure, low-carbon, responsible critical minerals supply chains.


  • Jeff Townsend, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

  • Olimpia Pilch, Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Twitter | @CMIA_alliance

About CMA UK

The CMA UK was launched in 2020 as Jeff Townsend embarked on a mission to give the UK's critical mineral industry a collective voice to address the UK Government. The CMA UK is now a key inoculator between industry, academia, governments and wider stakeholders, and has influenced the creation of the UK's Critical Minerals Strategy.


  • Jeff Townsend, Founder

  • Kirsty Benham, Founder

About CMA Australia

The CMAA was launched in 2022 to represent the voice of Australia’s critical minerals industry and to best position Australia as a responsible and competitive producer of critical minerals. The CMAA focuses on aligning the Australian industry with international OEM expectations and creating value add opportunities domestically.


  • Namali Mackay, Founder & Managing Director

  • Jeff Townsend, Founder & Director

  • Olimpia Pilch, Founder & Senior Advisor

Twitter | @CMA_Aus

About C2M2A

The Canadian Critical Minerals and Materials Alliance (C2M2A) is a non-profit, independent organization which endeavours to grow & diversify the Canadian economy, fostering job creation, through the development of critical materials supply chains. C2M2A will enable stakeholders to collaborate on shared priorities, both globally and locally, while respecting each jurisdiction’s needs and abilities, ensuring continued competitiveness, and sustainable & viable business outcomes.


  • Ian London P.Eng MBA, Executive Director



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