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CMA USA: Enabling Made in America Supply Chains

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

The Critical Minerals Association United States of America (CMA USA) has been set up to uniquely position the critical minerals ecosystem at the centre of delivering and enabling Made in America supply chains. The US needs secure, reliable, integrated, and diversified critical minerals supply chains to bolster America’s national security, protect existing industries, and create sustainable growth.

Wil Reyes, CEO of CMA USA comments,

“I am optimistic about CMA USA creation and its catalytic role integrating the American critical minerals industry to advance securing Americas supply chains and enhancing the sector’s awareness, influence and responsible practices.”

CMA USA will empower companies and ensure government collaboration by advancing research, knowledge and education about the importance of critical minerals and their impact on our daily lives.

Currently, the US is overly reliant on heavily monopolised markets and has limited domestic extractive, processing, and refining capability. Made in America supply chains will require strategic cooperation between US Governments, industry, and collaboration with like-minded nations. The scale of the task ahead is too expansive for any one nation to tackle alone. Collaborating to establish supply chains outside of the existing monopoly can greatly accelerate the move downstream of allied nations by leveraging resources, expertise, research and development, and capital.

The US is indeed the land of opportunity. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is already attracting miners, refiners, and original equipment based in other Western nations into the US. According to the US Department of Energy, in addition to the existing electric vehicle battery plants already in operation domestically, another 13 have been announced to come on stream by 2025, alongside the second largest manufacturing output globally. The geological endowment of the US is also encouraging, including the potential for further lithium brine, rare earth elements, copper, cobalt, nickel, and other critical minerals extraction, as well as refining.

However, industry is still navigating complex challenges that prevent it from moving at the speed needed to match America’s ambitions. The CMA USA hopes to leverage the opportunity and tackle existing challenges through unified advocacy and direct communication channel between industry and Government.

"CMA USA will provide our members a collective voice so that their concerns can be heard and addressed, and opportunities can be realised. We look forward to working with our members to build responsible, secure, and diversified critical minerals supply chains.”

The CMA USA’s goals are to:

1. Increase the self-sufficiency, security, and sustainability of USA supply chains. Support the development of alternative supply chains.

2. Improve societal and government perceptions of the critical minerals sector, and champion the sector as a foundation for a better tomorrow.

3. Create a unified voice to maximise industry’s influence and provide a direct line of communication between industry and the government.

4. Catalyse USA processing and refining capability. Increase the number of US companies operating in the midstream and downstream processing and refining of critical minerals.

5. Dismantle existing barriers to help members understand access funding to produce responsible critical minerals.


International Network

The CMA USA, much like its sister associations, CMA Australia, and CMA UK, and partner association the Canadian Critical Minerals & Materials Alliance (C2M2A), will operate independently focusing specifically on the needs of its USA members, and the ambitions of the nation. While benefitting from the international network of the CMA associations. The operation of the CMAs across like-minded jurisdictions creates multi-lateral opportunities for its members to be involved in alternative supply chains.



Wilfredo A. Reyes (Wil)

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Served as legal clerk for Hon. Judge Daniel Dominguez at the U.S. Federal Court for the District of Puerto Rico. Later joined the Department of Economic Development and commerce as an Assistant Secretary. Currently, Wil is Principal of RMiller Consulting Global Advisors LLC and, General Counsel and Managing Partner of Verimetallum LLC.

Jeff Townsend

Founder & Executive Director

Jeff is an experienced public affairs and campaign strategist with experience working in the highest levels of business and politics. He brings skills in lobbying, public and government affairs, campaign strategy development, and communications. He is well connected with political arenas in the UK, EU, Middle East and Africa. From a mining background, he knows the importance of the mining sector and is passionate about creating alternative critical minerals supply chains.

Olimpia Pilch

Senior Advisor

Olimpia is a geologist by training with a strong understanding of the upstream critical minerals sector. Olimpia coordinated and authored CMA's flagship reports on responsible sourcing which influenced the UK's very first Critical Minerals Strategy. Olimpia actively champions critical minerals and unites industry and like-minded governments to drive greater integration.


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